Utopian Gardens - Residential Garden Design, Consulting and Maintenance
Gardening Services
We provide a wide range of services to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular services are shown below. Please call, e-mail or fill out the "CONTACT US" form for more information on products, orders, current promotions and custom options. We are not a mowing company. We provide specialty gardening, horticulture consultations and plant installations.
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Landscape Services:
  • Garden Design and Installation
  • Horticulture Consultations
  • Specialty Pruning
  • Mulching 
  • Flower and Plant Installations
  • Container Gardening/Planter Installation
  • Estate Gardening Annual Programs

Horticulture Consultations
Horticulture Consultations are informational and a great option for the do-it-yourself type. The consultations include a walk-though of your garden, written notes of our discussion with additional professional horticultural suggestions and step to reach your goal all typed up and sent to you. Consultations can be done onsite, online, over the phone and by email for any location in the Pacific Northwest.
Price: $225.00
Planting Plan Consultation
This realtime photo consultation is great for a do-it-yourself person looking to renovate a section of garden but not sure where to start. We will give you an hour onsite walk-through of your garden while you ask any questions relating to your garden. PLUS receive an emailed Realtime photo 2-D design and materials list of multiple possibilities and expert horticulture suggestions to achieve your goal.
Price: $500.00
Garden Design
Order a personalized photo or blueprint landscape design plan with real-view pictures of your garden visions brought to reality. Use this plan to determine where to place garden beds, structures, patios, walkways along with plant placement suggestions. Plant and material lists are all included in a design. Call for a customized estimate or purchase your start-up plan here. A %50 retainer required.
Price: $1,500.00
Plant Installation
The best time to plant is in the early spring, late fall and winter. Take advantage of the rain water and allow your plants to establish roots. Rates will depend on the installation and start at $500.00. Purchase a start up plan here, a consultation or design above or call for a custom estimate.
Price: $500.00
Container Gardening
Have us install a container garden or just plant your existing pots. Prices always vary depending on planter size, numbers and materials needed. Purchase a base plan here or call for a custom estimate.
Price: $500.00
Residential Estate Gardening
Residential gardening contracts include full maintenance and care of your garden throughout the year. Monthly service prices start at $900.00 for the growing season and $400.00 during the dormant season. Call for a custom estimate.
Price: $900.00
It is important to bark plant beds to retain moisture, keep weeds down, protect plant roots and health. Prices start at $250/cubic yard with a minimum of 2 yards. Call for price break when ordering 10 yards or more. Enter amount of cubic yards as quantity when ordering here.
Price: $250.00
Color :
River Rock/Decorative Rock
Decorative river rock comes in multiple sizes, see our 'Rock and Mulch Type' page for details and sizes available. Prices start at $400/cubic yard for product and installation with a minimum order of 1 yards. Call for price break if ordering 10 yards or more. Enter quantity of cubic yards wanted when ordering here.
Price: $400.00

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