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Early Spring Plant Sale
Winter Tips and Specials
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Winter Tips
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Fall Specials Are Here!

* %15 savings on landscape design, consultations and installation costs.Plan ahead so that you can enjoy your garden next spring and summer. Call us for a FREE estimate or book online at

* Specialty Pruning for fall and winter is %15 off. Order your free estimate today to save on fall shrub pruning or winter tree pruning.

* Save hundreds of dollars on trees! We have big sales going on now in our online tree store shop at Call us for different plant sizes and stock availability.

Early Spring Plant Sale


Come join us on Friday March 16th for a special early spring plant sale. 
The sale will be held at our office at 8701 Railroad Place SE in Snoqualmie from 9am-2pm.
We will have all kinds of small plants and annual flowers and bulbs starting as low as $2.00 each.
We accept cash, checks and credit cards (with a minimum purchase of $20 for card processing).

Visit us online, email us at or give us a call to place orders (206) 335-0615.

Winter Tips and Specials

Welcome to winter!
The rain has started and going outside has now turned into a dreary and ugly chore for all. I’ve gathered a few ideas and tips as well as preventative measures that are needed to sustain the health of your garden. Hopefully these suggestions help you get through your “to do” list faster so that you can get back inside and stay dry!
FERTILIZEYour garden may be going into dormancy but it still needs food to make it till spring. By fertilizing your lawn and plant beds you can avoid a mushy brown lawn in the spring and keep your plants strong.

Winter Interest

Winter Color Interest

I saw some tulip bulbs pop up, flowers on my hellebores and some buds form on my magnolias and hydrangeas this weekend. It tells me that spring is on the way soon! 

Make sure your plants are pruned, your flower bulbs are ordered and your spring plantings are on the drawing board or in the works. 

Hellebores are the specialty of the month. Just starting to flower this week in all hues of pink, white, black, yellow, green and all kinds of combinations made of these colors.
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