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Winter Tips and Specials

Welcome to winter!
The rain has started and going outside has now turned into a dreary and ugly chore for all. I’ve gathered a few ideas and tips as well as preventative measures that are needed to sustain the health of your garden. Hopefully these suggestions help you get through your “to do” list faster so that you can get back inside and stay dry!
FERTILIZE Your garden may be going into dormancy but it still needs food to make it till spring. By fertilizing your lawn and plant beds you can avoid a mushy brown lawn in the spring and keep your plants strong. During the cold and rainy season plants could weaken and develop diseases or be made susceptible to pest problems in the spring. Avoid the loss of plant material or having to renovate your lawn and feed your garden multiple times per year.
CUT BACK PERENNIALS Plants that die back in the winter and pop back up in the spring are called perennials. They should be cut back when they turn brown. While green, they store energy for the winter months and if cut back at the proper time and fed a good fertilizer, perennials will come back to treat you with their beauty next spring.
PICK UP LEAVES Leaves left on a lawn over the winter will turn your lawn to a mushy mess. This week and the next few to come should be perfect for leaf removal. Remove leaves before they are too wet or decomposed and they are easier to pick up and haul out. Perennial cuttings and leaves can be left in the plant beds for a little longer and can serve as mulch. In the late winter early spring, remove the leaves so that you are not creating a nesting area for pests or mildew and add mulch if you did not do so in the fall.
MULCH The winter rain downpours and snow can strip the soil of nutrients and the life out of your plants. Now is the best time of year to mulch your plant beds, cover up those plant roots and give them a chance to winter over. A nutrient rich mulch is always what I recommend for fall and winter. A dark nutrient mulch will have the benefit of feeding your plants while keeping them warm with rich composting materials.
If you prefer to stay dry and skip doing these fun activities yourself, give me a call and I can arrange to schedule it at the appropriate time this month. You may also email me for a free estimate anytime or book one of our services on our website at www.utopiangardensllc.com. Visit our online store for information on over 300 plants and find newsletters and seasonal specials on our services throughout the year. A great advantage to our area is that we can plant and garden any time of year therefore, take advantage during the winter months to plan and shop our evergreen plant and tree specials on our website.
Paula Croteau
Horticulture Consultant
Landscape Designer
Utopian Gardens llc
(206) 335-0615

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In winter season we need to take care lots of things and keep maintain the humidity for good environment. I hope those winter related suggestion or the lawn pretty helpful for the public.
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