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Landscape Technician Job Openings and Requirements

We are a residential landscaping company based in Snoqualmie, WA that have been operating since 2001. A typical work week for a landscape technician is Monday through Friday, eight hours per day. Daily duties include: mowing, weeding, raking, pruning, hedging and planting.

Utopian Gardens is looking for hard working, reliable candidates that are motivated, organized and take pride in their work that have the following qualifications:

Must be able to perform task in all weather conditions at a reasonable pace and keep up with the rest of the crew

· Must be able to make it to the office on time, be punctual and ready to work

· Attire must be clean and appropriate for landscaping

· Must be able to work and maintain landscape tools and machinery

· Must be able to lift 50 pounds and be in good physical condition. It is a physically demanding job

· Must be a team player and have good communication skills

· Must have a valid WA state driver’s license, speak English and have a high school diploma or better

· Must be able to pass a drug test and a criminal background check

· May only use personal phone when on breaks. While on the clock you are at work on someone else’s time, please be respectful of that. Keep busy at all times during work hours or clock out during calls.

Experience or plant knowledge is not necessary but preferred. We provide on-the-job training. Your willingness to learn tasks and show enthusiasm to progress are the kind of qualities we require.

Wages depend on experience and qualifications.

Profit sharing is available to those employees who participate in helping us grow the business.

Call us or email and make an appointment to fill out a job application


Snoqualmie, WA 98065



Mon - Fri: 7AM - 3:30PM

Sat. and Sun.: Closed

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