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New patio extension and swim-spa addition

Before            *                        After

Instant Hedges

New Laurel Plants * Bed Prep * Instant Hedge

New Laurel Plants &

Bed Preparations

New Hedge &

No More See-Through Fence

New Sod and Plant Install


Computer Generated Design of what it would look like cleaned up with new sod and plants

After pictures with new sod and plants

Patio Fire Pit Installation Process

Night Lights

Landscape Lighting


Synthetic Turf and Stone Installation

Before and After Pictures of Utopian Gardens' Projects



Waterfront Patio and Garden Renovation

Before and during cleanup           *         After design and install

Before and After Path and Mulch

Container Gardens

Landscape Renovations

Before Mulch                                                     After Mulch

Before                                                             After

Before Patio Addition                                       After

Before Fire Pit                                                               After

Landscape Installations

During Installation


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