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Seasonal Newsletter and Events

Utopian Gardens’ Winter Newsletter

It may be cold and frosty but we are thinking ahead and in full spring preparation mode. Utopian Gardens’ professionals are ready to help you plan and ensure you are on our schedule in time for your garden to receive the upgrades and products it will need to thrive in time for spring to pop. Take advantage of our monthly specials; they are specific to the timing and elements that your landscape may need. Do you have a garden section that begs to be renovated, in great need of a mulch application, do your planters need to be refreshed, want to add winter flowers to beds and containers or is it just time for a change of garden style? Winter is the best time to design, make plans, renovate, prune trees and roses and make room for new spring plantings. Don’t know where to start? Use our handy online schedule and make an appointment for a consultation or for any other of our services and product installations.

This Month’s Garden Projects

1. Pruning: Fruit and ornamental trees, roses and perennial grasses

2. Fertilize your lawn in March with iron and feed the plants to keep them green and pest free

3. Design and installations: It is the best time of year to get started on a landscape design or renovation drawing. Take advantage of our consultation and design specials this winter

4. Replace dead plants and remove dead leaves to prevent the spread of disease

5. Brighten up planter pots and flower beds with winter flowers, ferns or evergreen plants

When you hire Utopian Gardens, a portion of all profits are donated to non-profit organizations for a healthier community and future.

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