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Garden Design Consultation

  • We start with a walkthrough of your garden and discussion about your plans. I listen, take notes, and you talk about your plans.

  • An estimate will be sent, after the initial visit, that determines what your garden design needs entail and the estimated price of your garden design.

  • A second visit after the new layout is planned out will be necessary for taking measurements.

  • Entire garden layout of plant beds and hardscape features.

  • Hardacape feature options.

  • Plant options and placement options.

  • Landscape lighting placement plan (optional for an extra cost).

  • Includes material and plant price lists from sketches.

  • Includes estimates for plant materials and installation.

  • Hardscape, structures, or building material estimates may be of extra cost if added in drawings and subcontracting for structures is needed. This is also a part that you may choose to shop around for yourself.

  • Garden design consultations start at $1,400.00, depending on garden size. A $180.00 deposit is required before the start of the design. The remainder of the consultation costs will be billed after the consultation design is completed.

  • A $150.00 credit is refunded to your account if you choose our company to do the full installation of the planting plan portion. Please check our timeline and if we offer the services that you require.

  • Multiple sessions and client participation are required for the success of this consultation. The final design estimate cost will depend on the size of the yard to sketch, and elements included. The final pricing will also heavily depend on client participation and input. 

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